Happy b’day to me (early)…

last Sunday during lunch i was joking with kourt about how we needed a new tv for our lifegroup, since the study is on dvd.  (i have a perfectly good tv) i have been wanting a new 42″ lcd tv since they came out.   so after lunch, we headed back to the church to get my car and of course i started joking/hinting with kourt again about a new tv.

a few minutes had passed and then kourt looked at me and said…… go buy you a new tv.

i was like WHAT?  are you serious?  then she told me that that is what she was going to buy me for my birthday (which isn’t until may) but i could go ahead and go get one!!!!

how stinkin cool is that?  happy birthday to me!!!!

i will do another post about the tv later……


One response to “Happy b’day to me (early)…

  1. How freakin cool is that!!!! Vance will be so jealous. He’s been wanting us to get one too but I just don’t know where we’d put our big screen. I would sell it but probably wouldn’t get much for it. Oh well , we’ll just enjoy yours every friday! LOL

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