2:20 a.m.

the past two mornings God has woke me up @ 2:20 (the same time both mornings)

yesterday morning i woke up (@ 2:20) and couldn’t go back to sleep so i laid there and began to pray and tried to go back to sleep (did i mention 2:20 A.M.?) but God had other plans…..  as i began to pray i realized that God had a purpose for me to wake up.  

i was like, Lord this better be good to wake me up this early!(probably not the best reaction)  i had just gotten in bed around midnight…..

anyways, as i began to pray i started to weep uncontrollably and felt so burdened for our church.  

then this morning @ 2:20 guess what?  yep, you’re right God woke me up again….. this morning was different though…. this morning i just felt the urgency to pray for our leadership team and the worship team.  i could say a lot about the urgency for the worship team, but that is a whole other post….

i typed all of this to say, i don’t know what God is up to but He is definitely up to something and it is going to be interesting to see what happens.

how cool is it that God would just wake me up at the same time both mornings just to share things with me….. what a privilege!!!  

what about you, has something like this ever happened to you? 

sorry for the long post…..


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