what are you passionate about?

are you passionate about your family?  you job?  your church?  your pets?  God? ect……

let me go ahead and apologize for the long post…. my mind is so full of stuff!!

lately, i have been feeling like God has been trying to show me some stuff.  one of the things God is showing me is we are just not passionate enough about Him, His presence, His people, etc. 

so last night at practice my heart was really heavy and i began to share with the guys that we need to get passionate about our worship to God.  we need to stop playing games and just go after Him 100%. 

i also shared that, how can we expect our congregation to embrace worship if we are not embracing it everyday of our lives.  worship is a lifestyle and if we are going to be worship leaders we had better be worshiping on a daily basis and not just when we are in front of people. 

if the only time we worship is when we are on stage or when we are @ church then our worship is FAKE! 

Blake was spot on last night when he said: “we have the what we do down but sometimes we forget the why we do what we do.”  basically saying we have the talent for what we do but we forget why we play, why we sing, why we worship, etc.

so let’s discuss, what are you passionate about?

again, sorry for the long post…… 


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