ok, so this morning around 1:30 i was awaken by this disturbing sound but had no idea what it was.  after a few minutes of trying to figure it out i realized it was my phone ringing.  you know how you feel if you are sound asleep and you get woke up suddenly?  that is the way i felt but multiplied by 10.  it was crazy!!!anyway, kourt asked me who was that?  i told her i have no idea it looked like a Tennessee number… (i am thinking, who in there right mind would be calling me that early!! i wasn’t too happy)  then my phone beeped to say i had a voice mail…. i checked it and come to find out it was our alarm company calling to tell me the alarm @ church was going off and that the cops were on the scene….. so i head out to the church half asleep and half awake(i sure am glad there wasn’t a cop anywhere close to me because they would have pulled me over thinking i was drunk or something)to make a long story short when i got to the church everything was fine, one of our doors had been left unlocked and the wind had blown it open…….  so there was my fun eventful night, how was yours? 


4 responses to “alarm!!!

  1. well its only right that you had to go check it out…. it was the praise teams fault, right??? LOL
    I’m sorry your sleep was disturbed. Maybe you’ll get some rest tonight. Does Tomorrow night start at 7:00?

  2. well actually it wasn’t the praise teams fault…. it was Kourt’s!!! so it was really still my responsibility….
    yes it starts @ 7

  3. How sad am I?!?!?!? I spend my lunch reading random thoughts from you and Blake…..hahaha……..I’m so easily entertained!!!

  4. LOL…. well, we are glad somebody visits our sites!!!!

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