American Idol – Shout to the Lord

i dvr american idol each week (yes i like to watch it) but for some reason my dvr stopped in the middle of mariah carey’s song….. i really didnt think much about it because i thought that was the end of the show anyway.

yesterday while i was driving to the office i heard rick and bubba saying something about the idols singing “shout to the lord” as they ended the show.  when i got to the office i pulled up itunes to make sure i had heard rick and bubba right.  it was true, they ended the show with that song. 

from what i heard and read they altered the lyrics to the first verse a bit, something like “my shephard my savior” which should be “my jesus my savior”  but who cares…. they still sang one of the most powerful worship songs (about CHRIST) on one of the most popluar television shows there is.

so last night kourt and i are watching the results show and i couldn’t believe what i heard and saw.  they opened the show with…. “shout to the lord” and this time they sang “my JESUS my savior”.  that is so awesome!!

I’m amazed that this song was on American Idol. i have no idea what the motives were, what deals were made, but one thing is for sure … even with the controversy surrounding the lyric change, i praise God that His Name was glorified!!


One response to “American Idol – Shout to the Lord

  1. That is awesome. I have it on DVR but I haven’t watched either night so I’m excited about seeing it now. I don’t know who was voted off but my coworkers started talking about it this morning and I was like “NO!!!…. stop talking about it….I haven’t watched it yet!!!!!” so they sent me out in the hall to wait while they discussed it. LOL

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