starbucks and a tire

those of you that know me know that i love coffee…..

i have been reading/hearing about the new starbucks roast, so i decided i was going to try it today.  the closest starbucks is about 20 mins from our church, so i headed out on a coffee mission.

well like i said, the only starbucks close to me is about 20 mins away inside of target.  i walk in and i am looking around to see if i see the new cups (that would be a no!) then i walk up to the counter and ask “do you guys have the new pike place roast?”  the “so happy to be here” barista (sarcasm) looked at me like i was stupid and said “i don’t know what you are talking about”…… (come on!! you work @ starbucks how do you not know what i am talking about) then she proceeded to tell me that the starbucks inside of target doesn’t have everything that the stand alone stores have…….   

after putting on a happy face i politely said, “i will have a tall skinny hazelnut latte.”  so needless to say i still have not tried the new roast and don’t know when i will be able to, thanks to flippin TARGET!!!

as if that wasn’t enough, on my way there i found out that my front driver side tire is worn out and you can see the steel coming through….. 

so not only did i not get my cup of coffee that i was looking forward to…… i have to go back this afternoon and shell out 150.00+ for a new flippin tire!!!!!!




One response to “starbucks and a tire

  1. Well its good to see you’re posting some new stuff.. I was starting to think I had nothing to read while on lunch….

    Sorry to hear about the coffee and for sure the tire. Get this…. vance and I both need new tires on both the cars………OH MY GOSH… AT THE EXACT SAME TIME!!!! and if that’s not bad enough they told me that the vibe needs special tires that run like outrageously high…. So, I understand your frustration.

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