Buckle Jeans

last night the fam and i headed over to the galleria (after mailing the IRS their money, boooo!!) to get Alli a surprise from the Disney store.  i have heard a lot about buckle’s jeans and so i decided i would go look and maybe even try some on. 

let me back up a little, for those that don’t know me i am a bit on the tubby side (fat, for those that might not know what tubby is)  i am also very picky about the way my jeans fit.  anyway, i go into buckle and look at their jeans thinking the whole time they won’t have any to fit me.

i found this pair that i really liked and decided to try them on…. i was totally shocked,  they actually fit me very well!! 

i didn’t buy them though because we just made a big donation to the wonderful IRS!!

however, i think i might go back and get a pair this weekend…. or i have a birthday coming up if anyone feels the Lord leading them to buy me a pair…..

sorry, just one of the random things in my head today…..



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