sunday recap

here is the set list for 4.20.2008

1.  kingdom come – hillsong

2.  promises – new life worship

3.  all i need is you – hillsong

4.  marvelous light – charlie hall

  • we opened up the service with a cheesy video about making a joyful noise. (very cheesy but fun)
  • blake was out of town, didn’t have an acoustic player
  • praise team sang the first 2 songs with me 
  • i sat down @ the keyboard for the last 2 songs
  • forgot my words to “all i need is you” i didn’t sing the verses because i was unsure about the words.  i just sang the chorus and the bridges.  apparently that is the way God wanted that song to go anyway.  great song!
  • “marvelous light” started out as a slow version and then at the end we took it to normal tempo
  • great spirit of worship during service!!!  i could have played and sang all day!!!



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