New Phone

I have wanted an iphone since they came out, but we cannot get AT&T where we live.  I wished this post was to say that they have service in our area now but it’s not!!!  (boo!!!) 

So anyway, I have had Sprint for a while and my contract with them ended a few months ago…. I haven’t wanted to re new because I still had hopes that AT&T would offer coverage in our area….

I have been reading statements and watching commercials about Sprint’s new phone that was released today called the “Instint”.  It is suppose to be better than the iphone, I don’t believe that.

I’ve said all of this to say:  I gave into the temptation and ordered one today!!  It should be here Monday.  I can’t wait to see what it does and to see how comparible to the iphone it really is. 


You can go here if you want to see more on the Instinct.

**Shout out to my friend Matt for giving me the hook up!!!!


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