Set List 08.17.2008

1.  You, You Are God – Gateway Worship

2.  I’m Not Ashamed – Hillsong

3.  Healer – Hillsong

  • Good to have Lee, our regular drummer back!!!
  • You, You Are God – great song, especially to open the service with…
  • I’m Not Ashamed – another great song, I think our intro is too long when we don’t open with this song… it felt a little awkward to me.
  • Healer – I really don’t think I can say anything but WOW!!!
  • My wife and one of our friends danced while we sang Healer, GREAT JOB!!!  Felt so nice to have my wife on stage with me!!!
  • Played the testimony video for Healer during offering (at the end of service).
  • Had a lady come to me after service to say “thank you for singing Healer, it was what I needed to hear”.  That excites me and let’s me know that we weren’t just going through the motions of worship but that God was flowing out of us and people were connecting to Him!!!
  • Had some sound issues during the message, not fun!!!
  • Started brewing Starbucks, man that was gooood!
  • Great Service!!!

This post is part of Sunday Setlist.


2 responses to “Set List 08.17.2008

  1. Healer was awesome. I couldn’t stop crying. I was scared we were going to have to build the ark. lol

  2. LOL… I felt the same!

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