Author of “Healer” exposed

The blogosphere has been lit up today with the story about Mike Guglielmucci, author of the song “Healer”.  Apparently Mike’s diagnosis of terminal cancer was fake, you can go here if you want to read the full story. 

Several guys from the blogosphere (Rich, Fred, Los, Alex, and many others) have posted about this today and I thought I would just post a few thoughts on it as well, since I did share the testimony video with our people last Sunday! 

Here are some thoughts/feelings:

  • Makes me sad and frustrated!
  •  Don’t understand why anyone would want to fake having a terminal disease, why would you want to speak that into your life?
  • Regret showing the video to our people. (of course didn’t know this @ the time)
  • Bottom line, we need to pray for Mike, his family, his church and Hillsong.
  • God will still change people’s hearts and lives through this song!!!

I could say a lot more but this post is getting long… I would encourage everyone to go to Rich’s blog and read his thoughts, he asks a great question about people or songs being anointed.

How does this make you feel?


6 responses to “Author of “Healer” exposed

  1. yeah man – whew. Rich’s post is excellent.

  2. I hated hearing this, along with everyone else that is stoked about this song. I blogged on this. The post is called “People Let Us Down.” I did this song last Sunday for the first time. Unfortunately, I sent the link to the videos to our church mailing list. I’m interested to see how this all plays out and how I will address it.

  3. Thanks for the referrals… this is sure t0ugh stuff for the worship leader community!

  4. Well this is very sad that someone with so much going for them would do this. We are all sinners though, and we must not judge him. God will take care of this matter with him. As for seeing the video Sunday, I am still glad it was shown. Yes people need to know that it wasn’t real, but it will not take away from the annointing we had of God. Worship leaders should not worry to much, the song is very spiritual and it is worthy of worshipping God. I think we should all say a prayer for Hillsong and move on to the next episode.

    God bless Hillsong and all Worship leaders,

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  6. Hey,
    Phew – what a week. I’m trying to catch up and read some of these other posts, and come along and visit your blogs, and say a special thanks for reading mine, and linking to it.

    If you missed it, I published a followup article called “When Vessels Break” over at TheWorshipCommunity.Com regarding this as well.

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

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