Sunday Recap 8.31.2008

This post is part of Setlist Sundays.

8.31.2008 Set List:

1.  My Saviour Lives – New Life Worship

2.  Adonai – Hillsong

3.  Healer – Hillsong

4.  Counting on God – Desperation Band

  • It was a good day but sad because it was Jamie’s (one my singers) last service with us.  Jamie and Chad (husband) are moving to Florida.  We are going to miss them A LOT!!!
  • My Saviour Lives – Geat song!  Kourt (my wife), Tamara, Amanda and Alana danced during this song…. u guys did a great job!!!
  • Adonai – Dustin’s favorite song!! (Ha!)
  • Healer – Still a great song!  I felt like God was dealing with a couple of people that needed healing in their lives. 
  • Counting on God – We introduced this song last week and our people loved it!  Usually when we introduce a song we sing it for 3 or 4 weeks straight in order for people to connect with it.  Very easy song for the congregation to sing along with!
  • Great time of Worship!!!

How was your service?


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