Michael Guglielmucci Update #3

I wasn’t going to post anything else about this but I saw this video last week and decided I would share it.


3 responses to “Michael Guglielmucci Update #3

  1. I feel so sorry for him, his family, the whole body of Christ, and his friends. I hope anyone who knows of this will recognize this as one of Satan’s tricks to divide and destroy. He should definitely be ashamed of his actions, but in the end he is human and his sin is the same as our sin that we commit everyday as humans. People have a right to be hurt but only God has a right to judge him and his consequences will be severe I am sure. I hope everyone gets the message that this brings to light, You should never put your faith in a person, the Lord should be the only place your faith should rest. People who are devestated, destroyed, or fall from God because of this weren’t worshipping God, they were worshipping an idol, because he is just a man, and only God should have the power to sway any feelings you have. Well that’s all from my soap box for now.
    God bless everyone,

  2. @ cristy
    wow i thought your comment was great and very Christ like! it was very spiritually mature on your part and i hope lots of people get a chance to read it! praise God for people like you who ” get it.”

  3. @ Cristy – preach it sister!! Thanks for commenting.

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