I feel like poo….

Came home from work early today and headed straight to bed!!!!  I also had to cancel practice tonight. (Boo!!)



How is your day going?


5 responses to “I feel like poo….

  1. I am in the same situation only I am stuck at work!!! 😦
    I will be in T-Town tomorrow if I have to go on a stretcher though.
    My uncle got me a ticket yeaahhhhhh!!!!!!!
    Roll Tide
    Hope you feel better.
    God Bless you,

  2. Tell everyone to pray for Ricky Joe today.
    He is having surgery, his is Makayla’s little brother.

  3. @ Cristy – I am @ work today too!! (Arg!) That is cool you are going to the game, I am praying that Tulane WINS!!! (Ha!)
    I’ll be praying for Ricky!

  4. hahahah I am sticking my tounge out at you.

  5. Brandon. I had the strangest dream about you last night. I punched you in the face(on accident I swear) and you were fine at first, then you passed out and Courtney Nix and I had to take you to the hospital because of my vicious left hook.

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