Sunday Recap 9.7.2008

Set List:

1.  Counting On God – Desperation Band

2.  The Stand – Hillsong

3.  Promises – Desperation Band

  • Counting on God – Great crowd response!  I think our people have connected with this song.
  • The Stand – One of my favorites!  The lyrics are great!  My wife and Tamara danced to this song, great job!
  • Promises – Yet again, great crowd response!
  • We had our friends from The Foundry recovery center in service, always great to have them!!!

Part of Sunday Setlists, Thanks Fred!!!


7 responses to “Sunday Recap 9.7.2008

  1. Cool set. I love the Stand.

  2. @ Gary, thanks for the comment!

  3. Brandon thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Your wife and Tamara? did a dance to one of your songs? How cool. I’m trying to talk my middle child into doing a dance (a creative movement in a Baptist church) –she’s skeptical how it will go.

    Good to connect with you.

  4. Jim:
    Thanks for the comment!! “a creative movement in a Baptist church” – Love it!! I hope she steps out and goes for it!

  5. hey man, didn’t know Kourt had a blog… wow! for some reason I can’t access it from the link. I bet you got some killer photos with the new camera…

  6. good stuff, thanks for stopping by…i’ll be checking out a couple new tunes now…


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