Sunday Recap 9.14.2008

This post is part of Sunday Setlists.

Set List:

1.  Everlasting God – Brenton Brown

2.  For Who You Are – Hillsong

3. From the Inside Out – Hillsong

  • My lead player was out, he had training for his new job @ the Apple Store. 
  • Did some songs that were more acoustic driven.
  • Lee (drummer) took a week off from playing.
  • Thanks Jamie for filling in on the drums for us, great job!!!
  • Everlasting God – This is a great song, but I am really tired of it!!!
  • For Who You Are – Work well without the lead part.
  • From the Inside Out – One of my favorite songs!  Sounded different without the lead part on the intro.  Our people have connected with this song and they SING IT! Love to hear them lifting their voices unto Him!!!

How was your Sunday?


4 responses to “Sunday Recap 9.14.2008

  1. my church was on the beach

  2. I really love From the Inside Out also. If you don’t get filled when you hear, sing, or worship to that song something is very wrong.
    As for Jamie’s comment 🙂 for her 😦 for us. We miss ya

  3. I haven’t done a lot of United songs, because I just don’t have that lead player to pull of some of their sounds.

  4. I think Joseph does a great job at nailing anything you throw at him Brandon.

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