Sunday Recap 9.21.2008

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Setlist for 9.21.2008

1.  Father Abraham

2.  Salvation Is Here – Hillsong

3.  Kingdom Come – Hillsong


  • Opened up with a baby dedication, Love to see parents offering their families to the Lord!
  • YES, we did “Father Abraham” – we pushed the tempo a bit and changed up the chord progression and it sounded great!  It was really cool to see people of all ages singing and doing the motions to this song!!!!  Fun stuff!!  Kudos to dustin for changing up the progression!
  • Salvation Is Here – One of my favorites! It was so cool to hear our people singing this song, they were singing so loud that you could hear them over the music!!! Pretty stinkin cool!! 
  • Kingdom Come – another great song!  Went well!

One response to “Sunday Recap 9.21.2008

  1. Of course we have the greatest Praise and Worship team ever. Praise God for ya’ll

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