16 Random Things….

I just realized that I have been tagged by Russ, sorry dude!

Here it goes: (no particular order)

1.  Broke my ankle and foot skateboarding

2.  Been a Music Pastor, Minister of Music, Choir Director, Worship Leader, Worship Pastor, Music Guy, etc. (whatever you want to call it) for 10+ years, started young!

3.  Coffe Addict

4.  Sold my 4 wheeler to buy a piano (when I was 12)

5.  Lead worship @ a church in London, England

6.  I enjoy smoking a cigar from time to time

7.  Was in marching band, jazz band and ensemble in High School

8.  Went to college on a music scholarship

9.  Played Trumpet from 7th grade through college

10.  Married WAY outta my league

11.  Didn’t finish college so no degree

12.  Father of 2 beautiful girls

13.  Love to cook

14.  Turned 30 in May

15.  Child #3 is on it’s way

16.  Hope to be full time @ a church again, soon!


4 responses to “16 Random Things….

  1. Didn’t know u been to London! Kool!!!!

  2. I didn’t know you had been to England either. Full time?

  3. @ Cristy – No, just for a week! Ha!

  4. You plan on leaving us to go full time somewhere else?? What would we do w/out you??

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