Sunday Recap 11.2.2008

Check out more setlists here.

Set List:

1.  Kingdom Come – Hillsong

2.  I Will Boast – Paul Baloche

3.  Endlessly – Desperation Band

4.  Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall

  • Kingdom Come – Great song!  For some reason I just checked out during the bridge of this song.  I came in way too early but thank the Lord the band followed me…. it was really awkward!!!  My bad guys!
  • I Will Boast – First time we have done this song.  Different style of song for us but I think it went really well.
  • Endlessly – Great song but I really don’t know how well it gels with the people, seems a little tough for them to sing.
  • Marvelous Light – Did this one with just the band and me on keys.  We don’t do it the traditional way, we turn it into more of a worship song and slow it down. Great song and great arrangement.
  • Crowd was up!!!
  • Great Sunday!!

How was your service?

If you were there, what did you think?


2 responses to “Sunday Recap 11.2.2008

  1. love kingdom come….did it sunday night here in The Fort. great tempo and drive the whole song.

  2. We rock out Marvelous Light. My son was visiting cousins this summer and said that their church did it really slow, too. I think it’d be great to try sometime…perhaps during ministry time when it’s just me and the piano.

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