Sunday Setlist 11.16.2008


1.  My Saviour Lives – New Life Worship

2.  Counting on God – Desperation Band

3.  How He Loves – John Mark McMillan

***Good job Emma!

4. Revelation Song – Jennie Lee Riddle

  • Service went well
  • Sorry for the short post, don’t have a lot of time right now.

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4 responses to “Sunday Setlist 11.16.2008

  1. My Savior Lives was our opener as well. Great energy in that song.

    How do you like counting on God with all the repetition live? Not a fan of it recorded but I may like it live.

  2. Great set list. How He Loves is the song on my heart lately.

  3. We really like “Counting on God” it’s a lot of fun.
    “How He loves” is an amazing song! We have thought about doing it in our youth service but we were very unsure about how the students would respond to the sloppy wet kiss part. Is their a lot of giggling going on during that part?

    Revelation Song is an awesome song. Great set.

  4. Church of the Harvest has some great songs you can listen to them here

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