Sunday Recap 11.23.2008

Go check out more Set lists here.

Set List:

1.  Let God Arise (Tomlin) – Blake opened up the service with this song, great job!

2.  The Stand (Hillsong) – I have nothing to say about this song but, GREAT!!!  I never get tired of singing                                              this song.

3.  Hosanna (Paul Baloche) – Not one of my favorites but a good song, easy for the people to sing along                                                     with.

  • Had a great day!
  • I wasn’t 100% today, fighting some sickness!
  • Our dance team did a dance to “Devotion” (Hillsong United) great job guys!!!!
  • Had Communion during service, always an honor to participate in this.
  • Crowd was down today.
  • Had a community Thanksgiving service tonight @ one of the area churches, didn’t go because I felt like crap!!!!  

How was your day?


2 responses to “Sunday Recap 11.23.2008

  1. man, you felt like crap with a lot of excitement!!!!

    haha, j/k.

  2. “The Stand” is one of my favorites too!

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