Sunday Recap 1/04/2009

First official post of the New Year!!!  Happy New Year everyone!!!

Here is our Set List:

1.  You, You Are God – Gateway Worship

2.  Take It All – Hillsong

3.  Healer – Hillsong

  • Service went well today
  • I have been stretched for the last couple of weeks because I am having to pull double duty worship and media
  • You, You Are God –  we have done this song for awhile now, still a good song
  • Take It All – went well, fun song
  • Healer – I felt like I could have sang this song all day long, such a powerful song!

How was your service?

Go check out other Set Lists here.


4 responses to “Sunday Recap 1/04/2009

  1. Worship AND media – how on earth do you handle that? In one service? Yikes!

    Take it all is a great song. Glad it went down well.

  2. Great setlist! I plan on bringing Healer this year as well.

  3. You can do it!! You are Brandon the Great hahahahahahhahaha!!! Just suck it up and do it old man. lol
    No really ,Thanks for all you do!!

  4. You, You are God we haven’t done that one in a while. It is a great song!

    We do Take it all in our youth services! You are right it is a very fun song!

    Love, love, love Healer! We haven’t done it yet but it is an awesome song.

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