Sunday Recap 1/11/2009

Setlist 1/11/09

1.  Counting on God (Desperation Band) – We use a 5 min countdown to start service with, but for some reason we had a slight pause between the end of the countdown and the beginning of the song, felt kinda strange.  Other than that, the song went well.

2.  Our God Saves (Paul Baloche) – This song is a different feel for us, but it is a great song!  I think it went really well, seems like the people enjoyed it.  This song has great lyrics!

3.  Hosanna (Hillsong United) – This was the first time we have done this song. Emma did this song by herself with the band and it went great!  Nice change of pace!  Great job Emma! 

Go check out more setlists here.


7 responses to “Sunday Recap 1/11/2009

  1. Hosanna is a great song Brandon. Hope it blesses your church as much as it has ours over the last couple of years.

  2. i was pleased with the entire service.
    i want to say thank you for the opportunity to sing that song.
    i love it so much.
    i hope the church felt what i did.

  3. Of course as usual everyone did a great job!! Emma is such a blessing, she did Hosanna wonderfuly.

  4. Counting on God is a super fun song!

    Our church loves “Our God Saves”!

    Hosanna is awesome!

    Great set Brandon!

  5. how cool – the church we went to sang Hosanna too! the song has the best bridge – I cried….it was awesome and cool to think you guys were doing it too!

    miss u!

  6. forkintheroadmusic

    Cool set.. I love “Counting on God” and we do it mostly with our youth band but I am thinking of introducing it in our morning service.

  7. Going to use Hosanna more this year, I think. Such a good song.

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