Sunday Recap 1.25.2009


1.  Your Grace Is Enough (Tomlin) – Changed things up a bit and had Blake and Emma lead this song with the band.  It really went well and was a nice change of pace.  Great job guys!!!

2.  Come Thou Fount (Gateway Version) – It’s been a while since we have done this song.  This was suppose to be the second song we did, but Lee (drummer) thought it should be 3rd.  (HA!!!) I will explain… we use Reason for loops and click and in between sound check and service Lee’s Mac went to sleep causing Reason to not work properly when he counted off the first song.  To try to sum this up quick, they played the first song without a click and with that being on his mind he counted off the wrong song.  It really turned out well though!!!

3.  My Savior Lives (New Life Worship) –  Great song! I think we have worn it out though.  This song could have been a train wreck because I started singing the 2nd verse first.  Kudos to the team to follow me!  It turned out well despite the mess up.  I am terrible with lyrics!! 

I am so blessed to have such a great team!

Go check out more sunday setlist here.

How was your service?


2 responses to “Sunday Recap 1.25.2009

  1. great opener…looks familiar…

  2. I messed up the lyrics on “Overcome” this sunday. I just blanked and had to just kinda hum tell it came to me. lol

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