Sunday Recap 2.1.2009

WOW!  Where did January go?

Setlist 2.1.9

Great energy during worship this week!!!

1.  Break Free (Hillsong) – It’s been awhile since we have done this one.  I like this song a lot, but I try not to do it much because I don’t feel like it’s a good singable song for the people.  (it’s pretty wordy and quick)  With that being said, we opened up with it and I think it worked very well, it seemed like it got people focused on worship!   

2.  Happy Day (Hughes) – Again, been awhile since we have done this one.  This song is totally opposite of Break Free, meaning being singable.  Great to hear the people singing (very loudly) during this song.  

3.  Here In Your Presence (New Life Worship) – One of my new favorites!!  This song just rocks my socks off! Ha!  I honestly think I could sing this song everyday allday.  The lyrics just minister to me: “Here in Your presence we are undone. Here in Your presence heaven and earth become one. Here in Your presence all things are new. Here in Your presence everything bows before you.”  What an awesome chorus to me because if we can just get in His presence and be completely undone then He has the opportunity to refresh, renew and restore us.  (all things are new) Man, I’m getting fired up! Ha!  Anyways, great song!

4.  Our God Saves (Baloche) – Great song!

Check out more Setlists over @ Fred’s blog.

How was your Sunday?


5 responses to “Sunday Recap 2.1.2009

  1. I love “Here in Your Presence” such a great song. I love how the bridge builds at the end- but the lyrics are really amazing: honest and beautiful.

    I love Happy Day as well.
    Such a fun song!

    Great setlist
    be blessed

  2. I guess I better check out Break Free. We all kind of got sick of Hillsong stuff a few years back. Everything started sounding the same. Anyway, now that there’s the United side of things, maybe it’s time to check them out a little deeper, other than For Who You Are and One Way. Suggestions?

  3. Our God Saves is a big one at our church.

  4. i’m guessing that the GREAT ENERGY came from the first two songs!!! good stuff!!!

  5. Great song choices. I love “Here in Your Presence.

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