Sunday Recap 2.15.2009


1.  Kingdom Come (Hillsong United) – We begin each week with a 5 min countdown, usually when we start the first song a lot of people aren’t there.  We decided to change it up a bit, we started playing the first song with 2 mins left on the countdown to see if it would make everyone realize we were about to start.  I think it worked ok, but we had the smallest crowd we have ever had. 

2.  I Will Boast (Baloche) – This is a great occasional song for us.  I think it is a good song, but I think it would get old (very quickly) if we did it a lot.  For some reason the click wasn’t working and this song felt like it was in slow motion.  I didn’t know the click wasn’t working, but I knew something wasn’t right. Needless to say, I couldn’t end this song quick enough.  Wasn’t good!!! 

3.  Revelation Song (Jenni Riddle) – Great song and it went well!

Go check out other setlists @ Fred’s blog.


2 responses to “Sunday Recap 2.15.2009

  1. Tonia did a great job!
    NO CHICKEN!!! 😀

  2. Thanks Emma! I’m glad the chicken stayed in the coop! lol

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