Sunday Recap/Setlist 03.29.2009


1.  King of Majesty (Hillsong) – It’s been awhile since we have done this one.  It went well, but I think this one will be archived.  We did the Hillsong London arrangement (I think) which was a nice change.  

2.  Here In Your Presence (New Life Worship) – our second song was supposed to have been “Your Grace Is Enough” but during sound check this morning it just didn’t click, so we X’d it.  We started “Here In Your Presence” with the bridge…. We started soft and then built into the chorus and then went into the intro, chorus, then back to the bridge.  I think it flowed really well and was a nice change up.  

3.  Amazed (Jared Anderson) – we went straight into the chorus of “Amazed” after we ended “Here In Your Presence” again, I think it flowed really well.  This was the first time we have done this song.  It really went well and I think the people caught onto it very quickly.  

I am so honored that God allows me to lead people into His presence each week through music.  

Go check out what others did this Sunday @ Fred Mckinnon’s blog.  

How was your Sunday?


3 responses to “Sunday Recap/Setlist 03.29.2009

  1. “I am so honored that God allows me to lead people into His presence each week through music.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. There is absolutely nothing I would rather do. Nice set!
    King of Majesty is so much fun I’m not quite ready to shelve it yet. But then we haven’t been doing it for very long and we only do it in our youth services so it’s not overdone for us. It’s probably one that I’ll have to watch myself or I’ll have a tendency to overuse it because it’s so much fun.

  2. dude we are in May now!

  3. how ’bout you stop blogging or something.

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