Sunday Recap/Setlist 03.29.2009


1.  King of Majesty (Hillsong) – It’s been awhile since we have done this one.  It went well, but I think this one will be archived.  We did the Hillsong London arrangement (I think) which was a nice change.  

2.  Here In Your Presence (New Life Worship) – our second song was supposed to have been “Your Grace Is Enough” but during sound check this morning it just didn’t click, so we X’d it.  We started “Here In Your Presence” with the bridge…. We started soft and then built into the chorus and then went into the intro, chorus, then back to the bridge.  I think it flowed really well and was a nice change up.  

3.  Amazed (Jared Anderson) – we went straight into the chorus of “Amazed” after we ended “Here In Your Presence” again, I think it flowed really well.  This was the first time we have done this song.  It really went well and I think the people caught onto it very quickly.  

I am so honored that God allows me to lead people into His presence each week through music.  

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How was your Sunday?



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Sunday Recap 3.22.2009

1.  Trading My Sorrows (Darrell Evans) – It has been a LONG time since I have done this one.  We had half of our team out of town for Spring Break so we decided to change things up a bit.  We didn’t do it the traditional way, it was more like an Israel Houghton feel (200 bpm, exaggerated).  I think it went well and it was a nice change up.

2.  Salvation Is Here (Hillsong) – Great song and it went well!

3.  You Are My King (Foote) – Again, long time since we have done this one.  We are in the middle of a series called “Amazing Life” and this week’s message was about Amazing Love so we thought it would be fitting to bring back this song.  Went well, Tonia did a great job on the verse!!!

4.  Let God Arise (Tomlin) – Fun song to sing! 

We really had a great Sunday!  How was yours?

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Sunday Recap 3.15.2009

1.  My Savior Lives (New Life Worship) – Had a different drummer this week, but everything went well.  Good job Jamie!!!  This is a great song and we have done it A LOT!!!!!  I am ready to archive it though……

2.  Our God Saves (Baloche) – I was concerned about the tempo on this one because during sound check it was up and down…… but it really flowed well during worship!  The anointing makes a HUGE difference.

3.  From the Inside Out (Hillsong) – Same thing with this one, tempo was terrible during sound check!  I really thought about X’ing this one, but it really went well during worship.  Glad we did it!

**We normally use a click, but we didn’t have it this week because Lee (drummer) had the week off.**

How was your Sunday?

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Sunday Recap 3.8.2009


1.  You, You Are God (Gateway) – I think it’s about time to put this one away for awhile.  Great song, but we have been doing it for a few years now…. time to move on.

2.  Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin) – I’ve done this one before, but never with the whole team.  I think it went well!  Great energy song!

3.  Healer (Mike Guglielmucci) – Great song! 

4.  There Is A River (Jessie Rodgers) – We did this one during offering, I like to throw this one in from time to time because it’s really a different style for us.  Great song!

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How was your Sunday?

Sunday Recap 2.22.2009

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Don’t have a lot of time right now, here is our setlist:

1.  Take It All  – Hillsong

2.  Promises – New Life Worship

3.  Here In Your Presence – New Life Worship

Good Worship Service!

How was your Sunday?

Sunday Recap 2.15.2009


1.  Kingdom Come (Hillsong United) – We begin each week with a 5 min countdown, usually when we start the first song a lot of people aren’t there.  We decided to change it up a bit, we started playing the first song with 2 mins left on the countdown to see if it would make everyone realize we were about to start.  I think it worked ok, but we had the smallest crowd we have ever had. 

2.  I Will Boast (Baloche) – This is a great occasional song for us.  I think it is a good song, but I think it would get old (very quickly) if we did it a lot.  For some reason the click wasn’t working and this song felt like it was in slow motion.  I didn’t know the click wasn’t working, but I knew something wasn’t right. Needless to say, I couldn’t end this song quick enough.  Wasn’t good!!! 

3.  Revelation Song (Jenni Riddle) – Great song and it went well!

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