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Sunday Setlist 7.26.2009

WOW! it has been 4 months since my last setlist post!  That’s terrible! (HA!) Anyway, I am trying to get back into the swing of things….

Today was pretty good, although all of the team wasn’t there.  I didn’t have an acoustic and bass player or a tenor singer, but it really went well!  Thanks Dustin for playing acoustic!

Enough babble, here is the setlist:

1.  Everlasting God (Tomlin) – I am really tired of hearing this song, but it worked for us well this morning since all we had was drums and acoustic. Don’t get me wrong this is a great song and I like it, but I am really tired of hearing it, just saying!

2.  How Great Is Our God (Tomlin) – Again, really tired of this one too…. I tried to pick songs that would be encouraging (more about this later) and that would sound good without the rest of the guys.

3.  Still (Hillsong) – Love this song!!! I think it went well, hope it ministered hope and encouragement!

Really missed Blake, Luke and Tyler this morning, hope everyone can be there next week for our last service.  

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Hope everyone has a great week!!!!


Sunday Recap 3.15.2009

1.  My Savior Lives (New Life Worship) – Had a different drummer this week, but everything went well.  Good job Jamie!!!  This is a great song and we have done it A LOT!!!!!  I am ready to archive it though……

2.  Our God Saves (Baloche) – I was concerned about the tempo on this one because during sound check it was up and down…… but it really flowed well during worship!  The anointing makes a HUGE difference.

3.  From the Inside Out (Hillsong) – Same thing with this one, tempo was terrible during sound check!  I really thought about X’ing this one, but it really went well during worship.  Glad we did it!

**We normally use a click, but we didn’t have it this week because Lee (drummer) had the week off.**

How was your Sunday?

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Sunday Recap 2.8.2009


1.  Glorious One (Steve Fee) – It’s been awhile since we have done this one, great song!  It went well, just a bit too high for me. 

2.  Hosanna (Paul Baloche) – Tyler (Vocalist) sings the 1st verse as a solo and for some reason he didn’t start on the right beat of the song.  It was like he was singing on the upbeat, so the first part of the song was a bit weird, but it worked out well.  Great job Tyler!

3.  For Who You Are (Hillsong) – Again, been awhile since we have done this one.  Very good song for the people to sing along with. 

4.  Revelation Song (Jennie Riddle) – This was suppose to be our 4th song, but we didn’t sing it.  Here’s why:  1.)  My mic was cutting in and out because the battery wasn’t connected good. 2.) I didn’t want to prolong the service because we had another song to sing. 3.) God said don’t do it, enough said!

It felt weird during servie this week.  Emma described it last night @ practice like we were in a bubble, people could see us but couldn’t hear us.  It was just weird, I can’t really explain it.  I have been trying hard to make sure we pick songs that people can connect with and sing along with, but I don’t think it worked this week.  Have I mentioned, it just felt weird???

How was your Sunday?

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Sunday Recap 2.1.2009

WOW!  Where did January go?

Setlist 2.1.9

Great energy during worship this week!!!

1.  Break Free (Hillsong) – It’s been awhile since we have done this one.  I like this song a lot, but I try not to do it much because I don’t feel like it’s a good singable song for the people.  (it’s pretty wordy and quick)  With that being said, we opened up with it and I think it worked very well, it seemed like it got people focused on worship!   

2.  Happy Day (Hughes) – Again, been awhile since we have done this one.  This song is totally opposite of Break Free, meaning being singable.  Great to hear the people singing (very loudly) during this song.  

3.  Here In Your Presence (New Life Worship) – One of my new favorites!!  This song just rocks my socks off! Ha!  I honestly think I could sing this song everyday allday.  The lyrics just minister to me: “Here in Your presence we are undone. Here in Your presence heaven and earth become one. Here in Your presence all things are new. Here in Your presence everything bows before you.”  What an awesome chorus to me because if we can just get in His presence and be completely undone then He has the opportunity to refresh, renew and restore us.  (all things are new) Man, I’m getting fired up! Ha!  Anyways, great song!

4.  Our God Saves (Baloche) – Great song!

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How was your Sunday?